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We're a team of 46 in NYC with offices in the Lower East Side. Half of us work on the product (designing and coding), and the other half work with the community. We love what we do, and who we do it with.

What's it like to work at Kickstarter?

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Hello from: Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler, Charles Adler, Lance Ivy, Cassie Marketos, Fred Benenson, Andrew Cornett, Brett Camper, Cindy Au, Daniella Jaeger, Cedric Howe, Samuel Cole, Kendel Ratley, Mike McGregor, Justin Kazmark, Meaghan O'Connell, Tieg Zaharia, Elisabeth Holm, Jed Meade, Jared Cohen, Cooper Troxell, Nicole He, Aaron Suggs, Zack Sears, Stephanie Pereira, Aurora Thornhill, Callan Lamb, Jessica Harllee, Alex Cox, Chris Muccioli, Andrew Boyajian, Dan Drabik, Brandon Williams, Tomasz Werner, Katherine Pan, Bridget Best, Erik Kastner, Emily Reese, Shannon Ferguson, Niina Pollari, Bethany Sumner, Ian Scott, Luke Crane, Michal Rosenn, Aaron Robbs, Eli Dvorkin.